Professional Pistol Skills

The Profession Pistol Skills course (Level 5) is the culmination of all you will have learned and then some. This is not an easy course, and you will have to work hard to pass it. Upon successful completion of this class, you will receive a written assessment of all your training with GTDT and a plaque to commemorate all your hard work and your accomplishment. If you take this course, be prepared, be well practiced and be prepared to learn what it takes to MASTER a pistol.


Pistol: Quality Autoloader or Revolver

Ammunition: 500 rounds

Holster: Strong Side belt holster

Gear: At least 3 magazines (or speedloaders if using a revolver) and a magazine pouch

Concealment garment that opens in the front, i.e. a sports coat or concealment vest

Pen/pencil and paper

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