Essential Pistol Skills

Owning a pistol is not enough. Getting a permit is not enough. You need skills, mindset and proper gear. In our Essential Pistol Skills class, we go well beyond the basics. We teach you the skills and mindset you need to fight for your life. The Essential Pistol Skills course covers:

  • Concealed Carry Techniques
  • Weapon Presentation
  • OODA Loop
  • Cooper’s Awareness
  • Rapid Reloading Techniques
  • Shooting with Dominant and Non-Dominant Hand
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Shooting Under Stress
  • Shooting at Common Distances
  • Basic Tactical Movement

For Class, you will need:

  • Pistol: Quality Autoloader or Revolver
  • Ammunition: 500 rounds
  • Holster: Strong Side belt holster
  • Gear: At least 3 magazines (or speedloaders if using a revolver) and a magazine pouch
  • Concealment garment that opens in the front, i.e. a sports coat or concealment vest
  • Ear and Eye Protection

IF YOU NEED ANY GEAR, do NOT BUY IT!!! We are happy to provide it as a courtesy. We’d rather you use our gear than to buy gear that is inappropriate for class. You MUST let us know well in advance.
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