MS Enhanced Permit & TN Permit Class

On July 1 of 2011, the State of Mississippi passed into law the Enhanced Permit. With this new permit status, a CCW holder is afforded more privileges than a standard permit holder. In our Enhanced permit class we meet or exceed all of the States requirements for training. This class is perfect not only for those in obtaining their Enhanced Permit status, but also for those wishing to learn about firearms in a safe and controlled environment. (Level 1)
Topics covered are:

  • Safety
  • Pistol Selection and Operation
  • Safe Storage
  • Holster Selection
  • Marksmanship
  • Awareness
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Maintenance
  • How to Obtain Your Permit/Endorsement

Pistol: Quality Autoloader or Revolver. If you do not yet own one, DO NOT BUY ONE.
We will RENT you one as a courtesy, but you MUST let us know IN ADVANCE.

Ammunition: 100 rounds. If we provide the pistol, we will inform you of what ammunition you will need to purchase and where to purchase it.

Gear: Pen/pencil

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