Beyond the Permit- Next Steps

Beyond the Permit Class-Next Steps

In our new Beyond the Permit, Next Steps,  the follow class up to our excellent Beyond the Permit course, we review and polish your presentation from the holster. With our eye on making each and every motion efficient and purposeful as well as safe, we will further hone your technique as only our outstanding instructors and coaches can. In addition, we begin working to make you faster to the target and help you unlock combat accuracy. Furthermore, we will demonstrate the importance of one handed shooting and teach you to  shoot your pistol with one hand. Finally, we will instruct you how to engage multiple targets while making conscious decisions about when and how to shoot. In order to help reinforce both the skills you learned and to help you engrain the new ones, the round count is a higher, but not so high as to make Beyond the Permit, Next Steps out of reach for any student.


In Beyond the Permit, Next Steps, we cover

-Honing presentation skills

-Single handed shooting

-Engage multiple targets

-Increase your shooting speed

-Develop combat accuracy