The Shepherd’s Staff- A Better Approach to to Church Security

In our ever changing world, the need to be vigilante in our houses of worship has become paramount. Our certified instructor has  27+  years of experience in ministry and  15+ years of experience in firearm and security training. While most security plans focus on weapons based security, our path is much different focusing on security through radical hospitality. We offer this service in several phases, all of which redesigned to be affordable for the local church.

In our Christ centered program, we will train you to:

Spot threats

Assess threats

Deal with disruptions and threats in worship

We will remind you that 99.999% of folks that enter your church are searching for something- they are lost and lonely, or they are new to the area and looking for a new church home.

We will teach you to Not make them feel like criminals.

We will teach you to:

Layer your security by training your:


Response Team

Use appropriate levels of force:

Respond to disruption to worship

Coordinate with local law enforcement in case of an emergency.


We can  provide:

A strategic security plan for your staff and worship

Follow ups, reviews and recertification opportunities.

Training in:

Verbal Persuasion/Deescalation Techniques


Team Tactics

Essential Firearms Skills