Instructor: Will Dougan


Dear student;

Welcome to Golden Triangle Defensive Tactics, and thank you for enrolling in our Enhanced Carry Permit Course. We are glad you have chosen to train with us, and we pledge to make every effort that your experience is a rewarding one.

About your instructor:

Will Dougan has been a State Certified firearms instructor since 2002. Over the years, he has instructed 1000’s of students: civilian, police, and military personal. He has consulted for the likes of the Memphis Police Training Academy, Discovery Channel International, Alpine Armory, and many others. He has trained people from all walks of life: from 80 year old grandmothers to SWAT operatives and everything in between. Since 1991 he has been in the ministry of United Methodist Church. Through Golden Triangle Defensive Tactics, he hopes to bring these two different worlds together. It is his most sincere hope that he can lead people to come to the same conclusion that he did many years ago:    ”I carry a gun because it is my responsibility alone- not that of the police, nor the government, nor the community- to defend the precious lives that God has entrusted to me.”

Instructor Credentials

Certified Instructor
  • Rangemaster
  • State of Tennessee
  • State of Mississippi
  • Fox Labs
  • Surefire International
  • ASP International
• Graduate, Rangemaster
                        Level I-V
                        Combative Pistol
                        Shotgun I
                        Shotgun II
                        Advanced Tactical Handgun
                        Personal Protection Instructor Course
• Graduate, Suarez International
                        Close Range Gunfighting
                        Combat Shotgun
• Graduate, Defense Training International
                        Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds
• Graduate, Special Weapons and Tactics of Dallas
                        Defensive Folding Knife
                        Combat Rifle
• Graduate, Shootrite Academy
                        Defensive Carbine                                    
                        Low Light Carbine
• Graduate, Tactical Response
                        Baton User
                        O.C. User
                        High Risk Civilian Contractor
• Graduate, American Small Arms Academy
                        Advanced Tactical Handgun
• Graduate, Chapman School of Practical Shooting
• Graduate, Shiv Works
                        Extreme Close Quarters Combat 1
                        Extreme Close Quarters Combat 2
• Graduate, Legion Consulting
                        Unarmed Combat
                        O.C. Instructor Development
• Graduate, Steve Moses/P.T.G.
                        Defensive knife
• Graduate, Recoil Tactical
• Graduate, First Person Safety
                        Defensive Pistol Skills


We will be offering multiple classes in the area over the next several months focusing on different levels of training using a variety of weapons (view Calendar).

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